Femi Collection

Bold, eye catching designs in smooth, hand waxed Queensland Walnut wood. The Femi collection draws on ancient inspirations – echoes of Egyptian royalty and armoured finery, rendered in smooth, silky Australian hardwoods with a modern sensibility.

The darker wood chosen for this piece carries a strong, defined grain, and provides a depth of colour that adds to the visual weight of the necklace without adding to the physical weight.

The drape of the segmented earrings will accentuate upstyled hair, and the necklace can be worn short or long, to complement and accentuate a plunging neckline.

Queensland Walnut is usually greyish-brown with streaks of colour including chocolate brown, black or pinkish hues. The grain is even and close, commonly showing wavy patterns making a very visually interesting material for jewellery.