About Jon Wilson Jewellery

Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson

My name is – perhaps unsurprisingly – Jon Wilson. I personally design and make everything here at Jon Wilson Jewellery.

For the last 25 years and more – in “real” life – I have worked and played with bits and bytes; data in the cloud; magnetic fields flipping from positive to negative far off in the ether; tiny dots of colour on a screen. Ephemeral, mathematical, digital and technological.

To balance this and give me something tangible to hold, look at, and point to, I make things. Things that have a physical presence when the power is out. 

Big things and small things: a studio, a gazebo, and jewellery. A lot of jewellery.

It started as a creative outlet and a way to unwind and decompress, channeled into earrings as gifts for my wife and her friends.

From there it expanded to occasional sales online, in person and through local makers’ markets under the Quirkish Designs brand.

In late 2018, in the wake of corporate stress and impending burnout, I realised the time was right to step up a gear, creatively, and take this all more seriously…

It was time to move out from behind the brand, and I relaunched in early 2019 as “Jon Wilson Jewellery” with new collections of premium pieces using materials such as sterling silver and a variety of native Australian hardwoods.

The rich, red tones of Western Australian Jarrah, and the deep, dark grain of Queensland Walnut provide the perfect base and inspiration for an entirely new range of modern, distinctive and creatively satisfying designs. Most pieces are created using a laser cutter: there are enjoyable challenges to be overcome in marrying the digital precision of high powered lasers with the organic, natural variance of hardwoods.

There is a satisfying tactile character to each piece. The result of hand polishing, then waxing with natural beeswax and citrus oil is a beautifully soft, satiny finish that brings out the natural grains and variations in the wood tones. As a result, every piece of jewellery I create is unique and distinctive.

My jewellery collections will be changed and expanded regularly, and I am always excited to work on custom projects for you if there is something in particular you have in mind, or if the existing designs are close, but not quite “you”.

Sustainability is a key concept behind Jon Wilson Jewellery – materials are sustainably, responsibly sourced; pieces are deliberately produced in small quantities to ensure that the designs stay fresh and that the level of quality craftsmanship can be maintained.

Hardwood Jewellery

Any individually hand-made piece of hardwood jewellery has different properties and considerations to those made from precious or semi-precious metals.

  • the tone and colour of individual pieces will vary due to the natural variance in shade and grain of the Australian hardwoods;
  • all my designs are painstakingly hand finished and waxed with a blend of natural beeswax and citrus oils to give a smooth, satin lustre; this beeswax finish makes them water resistant but, as natural hardwoods, they are not guaranteed to be fully water-proof;
  • any wooden jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight to maintain their longevity and condition;